The Austral runs across the Queulat National Park from north to south, allowing access to the 3 areas open to public: Lago Risopatrón area (north), Hanging Glacier area (middle) and Queulat pass area (south)

HANGING GLACIER AREA: The entrance to this area is 10 km north of the Posada, where there is barrier and a park ranger who charges to enter the park. This area offers an interpretation center and 4 trails of different difficulty.

All these trails are self-guided, and we advise dedicating a full day to enjoy the different hikes. In case the day is cloudy, and the glacier cannot be seen immediately we highly recommend waiting since just a breeze can clear the glacier letting himself be seeing for a few or maybe more minutes.



Mirador Trail (easy): 15 mn and 200 meters, reaches the confluence of the Ventisquero and Desague rivers, where there is magnificent view of the glacier.

Trail to Laguna Témpanos (easy): one hour and 1200 meters. At the lake there is a boat which visitors can board for a ride on the lake to get closer to the glacier. Also kayaks can be rented to use on the lake.

La Morrena Trail (médium): three hours and 3,3 km. The first section of the hike is a steep climb of 270 meters but then the trail is flat and goes along the ridge of the moraine to the view point with an amazing view of the hanging glacier. We advise to stay for a while at the view point since you might be able some ice detachments.

Emperador Guillermo Trail (medium – hard): only the first kilometer of this trail is now open to public, it is a harder trail since it is steeper and has less use, however it is interesting to do it since it approaches the Tempanos lake from another side, so visitors can see the glacier from a different perspective.


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