Hot Tub


The Hot Tub is hidden among lumas, coihues, ferns and chilcos; so those who use it are hidden from the rest of the guests. It is a mysterious place full of scents from the forest.

The strongest aroma comes from the Guaitecas cypress (Pilgerodendron uviferum), a unique scent, characteristic of our Patagonia since this wonderful conifer is endemic to southern Chile and Argentina. Its wood is mostly used for outside constructions because of its high resistance to water and humidity. The hot tub and the deck are entirely built with cypress

The water used to fill the Hot Tub comes from the eternal ice of the Queulat Park that leaks through the rainforest. The water is changed every time the tub is used

The use of the hot tub can be reserved the day before or in the morning before 10 am, since it normally takes about 3 hours to fill it up (3600 liters of glacier water) and 4 or 5 hours to warm it up with its wood-burning stove.

Price USD$65 .- máximum 5 guests


The tub is rented with prior reservation at the Posada the day before or in the morning before 10 am. It normally takes about 3 hours to fill up and 4 or 5 hours to warm up with its wood-burning heater and more than 3600 liters of glacier water.

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