Luma Cabin

The Luma tree is very common in this rain forest, but it goes unnoticed since it is not so striking.
But its wood is hard and firm and from its fruits, exquisite jams and liquors are made. It is in honor of this tree that we have named our most recent cabin.
The cabin is similar to the Poyeguapi cabin, it has one atmosphere and a super King double bed.
The cabin has a beautiful covered terrace protected from the wind and rain, completely independent of the rest despite being very close to the Club House.

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A homemade dinner with a unique menu is served at the Club House between 7 and 9:30 in the afternoon. In case of special food requirement, this must be done at least 48 hours in advance.


A country breakfast is served at the Club House between 8 and 10 in the morning

Wood heating

The cabin is heated with a wood stove that we light prior to the arrival of the passengers.

Two nights mínimum stay

Check in: 15:00 – Check out: 11:00

Beautiful view

The Luma cabin is oriented towards the Queulat Fjord, from there one can see the water of the tides coming up and down. The cabin is surrounded by lumas and a beautiful arrayanes.


The cabin is connected to nature but does NOT have Wi-Fi or television, we offer total technological disconnection.


USD 190 / night
1 person / half board
  • Premium mattresses
  • Impeccable cleaning
  • Private bathroom
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USD 225/ night
2 people / half board
  • Premium mattresses
  • Impeccable cleaning
  • Private bathroom
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Luma is the Mapuche name given to the Chilean tree whose scientific name is Amomyrtus luma. The luma is a tree that can reach twenty meters in height. Specimen of extremely slow growth, which produces a very hard wood. The cauchau, its fruits, are edible, and also used to prepare wine and chicha.
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