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Our history

POSADA QUEULAT has been a family business since 1988. We enjoy the use of 2,5 km of the Queulat river shore, 2,5 km of the Queulat Fjord border and our own little island; and we want to share all of this with our guests. For 30 years we have been establishing a beautiful spot for our visitors to enjoy and where they can rest after a long and sometimes rainy day……We welcome our guests with comfortable and warm cabins, regional meals – which have always been our seal of quality -, good wine and fun conversation around the chimney. All rooms are independent cabins spread out in a natural park – only the Huemul and Chucao cabins are adjacent and communicated. The owners, Patricio Silva and Rosario Robert, together with their son Patricio and Juanito, our excellent chef, will try to make your stay as nice and comfortable as possible. They will give you good information on activities in the area and will tell you about the history of the Park and the Austral Road; information you can expand with the books available in our library. The POSADA, other than the activities offered by the Park, offer its own private excursions such as the Hike to the Vida Salvaje Waterfall, navigation on the Queulat Fjord to the Poyeguapi Island and sea kayak to enjoy the still waters around our property.


“He who does not know the Chilean forest, does not know this planet. From those lands, from that mud, from that silence, I have left to walk, to sing, around the world” …. Pablo Neruda

This amazing forest, plus the Pacific Ocean turned into channels, fjords and islands, and where the Andes Range submerges itself with its volcanoes, glaciers and hot springs, that is the Queulat National Park; and the POSADA QUEULAT is in the very heart of this natural paradise

The Queulat NP was created in 1983 for the conservation of the Coastal Temperate Rainforest which is still here totally virgin. The main characteristics of this area are its high level of rainfall, the temperate influence of the sea, the large variety of tree species, a forest very rich in lichens and mosses, and an ice field on the top of the mountains. This forest can only be found in 5 other places in the world, hence its uniqueness. The National Park has, near the Posada, two areas of interest: the Hanging Glacier area, 15 minutes from the Posada – with 4 alternatives for hiking – and the A.Horvath pass 20 minutes from the Posada with one amazing trail called the Enchanted forest and two waterfalls worth visiting: Salto Padre García and Salto del Cóndor.
Also, to learn some more about the local history and traditions, our guests can visit two very nice little towns: Puyuguapi and Puerto Cisnes. In both places there are small restaurants with local food, craft shops, beautiful views and basic services such as gas station, hospital, general stores.


Our team is always ready to help

Patricio Silva A

Patricio is the driving force of this venture. He founded the Posada 30 years ago and has bee able to run it always acknowledging the changing interests and needs of our guests. Also, he is he who welcomes the passengers at their arrival and guides them on activities to do while in the area, informs them of our excursions and at the end of the day livens up the meals with tales on the area and the road construction.

Rosario Robert N.

Rosario is the first contact of the passengers with the Posada, she is the one who receives the reservations and the consultations. Do not hesitate to ask her all the questions that are necessary, either in Spanish, English or French, since Rosario manages any of these languages. You can either write her or call her.

Juan Muñoz H.

Juan was born and raised in the Tac Island in Chiloe, and has worked at the Posada since the beginning. Even though one can see him in many activities…his real passion is cooking. He brings all his Chiloe culture to the preparation of the meals, but also he has been able, with much talent and wisdom, to introduce to his cooking modern knowledge. He only works with fresh and regional products.

Patricio Silva R

Patricio is the son of Patricio and Rosario, supports the family business as a guide in the summers as he studies Computer Science and Computing in Viña


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