Our Posada is located between the villages of Puyuhuapi (28 km to the north) and Puerto Cisnes (58 km to the south), so our guests can add to their exploration the visit to any of these two typical villages. Both are located by the austral channels and offer several restaurants specialized in fresh products of the area, such as eel and austral hack. We also recommend trying in both villages their very own natural beers, Fisnisterra for Puerto Cisnes and Hopperdietzel for Puyuhuapi.



Puerto Cisnes

Puerto Cisnes was founded in 1955, and one of its most renowned mayor was Eugenia Pirzio Biroli Marini, which held that responsibility for 17 years since 1973. During the whole period when she was in office, until 1988, Puerto Cisnes had an important take off in its development, thanks to her energy and vision of the future. Today Puerto Cisnes has approximately 5.000 habitants. At the Posada we can recommend several excellent restaurants where the local hack is very well prepared. Our guests can visit Puerto Cisnes the same day they visit the Cuesta Horvath.

Puerto Puyuguapi

The history of Puyuhuapi starts around 1930 in the town of Rossbach (today called Hranice and located in the Karlovy region of the Czech Republic). The business man Robert Uebel, decided to finance an emigration project to Chile in which were to participate Otto Uebel, Karl Ludwig, Walter Hopperdietzel and Ernesto Ludwig. Motivated by an adventurous spirit and the fear of the war, these four young men began they journey to Chile. Here they met with explorer Augusto Grosse who helped them found Puyuhuapi in 1935. The contribution of the people from Chiloe, which have been continuous, hardworking and anonymous, was fundamental to the beginnings of Puyuhuapi. We recommend visiting the village when you go to the Hanging Glacier or the hot springs.


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