Island of the Poyes (Fascicularia poe)


In an 8 meters long cypress wood boat – El Perico – we navigate from the Posada, along the Queulat Fjord, to our island Poyeguapi. This island was first mapped by Father José García Alsué in 1768, the local name being registered then.

The Island with Poyes (Bromelia Fascicularia Poe) is made up of two small islands located right at the junction of the Queulat Fjord with the Puyuhuapi Sound. It has 3 small beaches and an amazing view of the Hanging glacier. According to historical data, this island gave its name to the actual village of Puyuguapi.

During the navigation it is possible to see austral dolphins, sea birds and sea lions.

Posada Queulat is the owner of the island and this is maybe one of our best excursions. The excursion might also include a picnic, if the tides allow the navigation at midday.


2 to 3 hours, no previous experience required


The navigation starts at the Posada along the south border of the Queulat Fjord. We navigate close to the shore to admire the stone cliffs and the virgin coastal forest with grows all the way to the sea border line. Since the island is right at the junction of the fjord with the Puyuhuapi Sound, from there, there are amazing views in all four directions: Puyuhuapi Channel, Magdalena Island (National Park), Yacaf Channel, Puyuhuapi Sound and of course the Hanging Glacier.

During the excursion it is possible to see austral dolphins which will follow and play with our boat, and sea lions which love to fool with the wake left by the boat.

At the island, guests can fish robalos, snorkel, swim or simply relax enjoying the views. The sunsets are unique, sunny and cloudy days if there is no much rain.

We highly recommend this boat trip.


USD 40/passenger
  • Minimum of 4 passengers
USD 55/passenger
  • Minimum of 4 passengers
  • Includes a picnic lunch


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