Close your eyes, let the gentle current of the Queulat River carry you to the sea, follow the southern coast of the Estuary surrounded by waterfalls and the most beautiful virgin forest in the world. You will think that you are handling the best of the sea kayaks, with the features to properly enjoy a day on the water.

With the 9 available kayaks, 5 sit on top and 4 sea kayaks with rudder, we will make circuits on the Queulat estuary and to the Poyeguapy Island to admire the Hanging Glacier from another perspective. We will probably sea cormorants, sea lions, dolphins or we can fish exquisite sea bass. As a backup and for those who prefer to go on a boat, we have a (1) cypress wooden barge for 12 people with a 4-stroke engine, or a (2) a 6-person motorized inflatable boat. We also provide the kayaking equipment: 4 dry kayak suits, 5 wet kayak suits, life jackets, vhf radios, security elements, etc.


"... we left the inn with empty tide, with showers and sunbeams between them, rainbows and gusts of wind against us that stopped us at times, paddled, paddled ... and went out to the open sea, to our eyes the wonderful Poyeguapy Island, we approached with a sunset, stopped the wind appeared the Toninas against the sun, jumped, played and delighted us, what a spectacle !!!, an excursion to remember "...
Posada QueulatEnchanted Visitor

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