The Austral road runs across the Queulat National Park from north to south, allowing access to the 3 areas open to public: Lago Risopatrón area (north), Hanging Glacier area (middle) and the Horvath cuesta (Queulat slope and pass) (south)

The Cuesta Horvath consist of 24 km of the north/south road, from the junction to Puerto Cisnes to the Chucao Bridge. This slope is the pass of a mountain range and it climbs up to 500 meters to then descend to sea level. Before the construction of the road this pass did not exist, and it was explored and designed by engineer Antonio Horvath, based on overflights made with pilot Ernesto Hein. So, as an acknowledgment to the work done by Engineer Horvath during the construction of the Austral Road, we propose that this section been named after him: Cuesta Antonio Horvath.


4 hours – Medium Difficulty – 4.4 Km RT


From south to north the different trails are:

El Salto del Cóndor Trail (easy) – 4 km north of the junction to Puerto Cisnes – short trail to get closer from the road to the base of the waterfall.

Enchanted Forest Trail (easy the open section) – 8 km north of the junction to Puerto Cisnes. In September 2017 a land fall made of rocks and ice destroyed half of the 2,2 km trail which then arrived at the feet of a glacier and to a small lagoon covered by icebergs in spring time. Unfortunately, today only 800 mts of the trail are open to public, however it is still very worth to walk along it since its beauty captivates the imagination of the hikers. We sincerely hope that our Natural Park administration opens soon the second half of the trail.

Padre García Trail (easy): – 24 km north of the junction to Puerto Cisnes. At the base of the Cuesta, on the northern side, after the first curve southward bond, right at the Chucao bridge, is the beginning of the trail. The path descends 150 meters to reach the base of this beautiful waterfall.


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