Club House and Dining Room

A meeting place

The perfect rest

The inn has a club-house where passengers can rest around the fireplace.

#Club House

Our Club House is our guests’ meeting area, we encourage all our visitors to take advantage of the beautiful chimney, next to which they can get gather, talk or read. Unless the day is warm, our chimney is always with burning logs and it invites adults, youngsters and children to sit and relax around it.

Breakfast and dinner are served in the club house and our guests share a same table, this allows them to know people from different places and exchange experiences with them. Patricio always participates in these meals and livens up the conversation with the region history and with stories of the area which he knows from its personal experience.

In the Club House we also have our selection of Chilean wines from the central valley. We offer an interesting range of wine variety between the prices of Us$13 and Us$26 per bottle. Guest can bring their own wine but we must charge a fee of Us$10 for the right to uncork.

We also have our own library with books on the area which our guest can look up for additional information whenever they want. The books must be kept in the Club House.

Low tides and high tides flowing under the Club House, raised on piles, mark the rhythm of the day and little by little our guests connect to the wonderful surrounding nature. The crackling sound of the burning wood, the noise of the waterfall, the song of the Chucao, fill the air and the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the Club House


Some of the services you will find in the Club House


We have 2 numbers of this popular app to communicate
+56 9 93190297 and +56 9 99193520


As in the cabins, there is no cell phone signal or wifi in the Club House. We do not have television either. We offer total technological disconnection

Information and Maps

Austral road maps, Aysen region and Queulat Park maps

Large dinning área

We receive up to 16 people in our dinning area

Wine “a la carte”

Large variety of the best Chilean wines

Beautiful view

Chimney with view to the island and the Queulat fjord

Stilt house

Building raised on piles over the water


All that is drinks, wines, beers and drinks are NOT INCLUDED in the values. We offer very good Chilean wines of Premium lines, Gran Reserva, Reserva, and some varietals of very good harvests, with prices that fluctuate between $ U$ 13 to U$26. Uncork $ 10 US per bottle


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ENJOY a day in nature with hiking, sailing, kayaking

ENJOY the warmth of cozy and comfortable cabins

ENJOY a rich regional beer or a good Chilean wine

ENJOY excellent meals

ENJOY the conversation to the rhythm of the tides

ENJOY a refreshing break

ENJOY the total disconnection