It is a guided hike through our property, exclusive of the Posada. The excursion begins by crossing the Queulat river on a zodiac rubber boat to then penetrate the heart of the Coastal Temperate rain forest, which exist only in 5 other areas in the world

Of all the forests on earth, this forest has one of the largest variety of trees and a very rich underwood. During the hike you will learn to recognize the different tree species and will cross a section of the forest where high trees remind us of pillars in a cathedral


Duration 3 hours – easy difficulty to the base of the waterfall, the fjord beach and the base of the waterfall; medium difficulty to the viewpoints


We will learn to recognize trees such as the Arrayanes (Luma Apiculata) – that grow straight and up to 25 meters – the Tepas Laureleanas (Laurelia philippiana), the Tineos (Weinmannia trichosperma), the Mañios (Podocarpus nubigena, Saxegothaea conspicua), the Canelos (Drimys winteri) and the Ciruelillos (Embothrium coccineum). Also, we will learn about the shrubs and bushes such as Chilcos, Fuinques, ferns and about the underwood (mosses, lichens….)

During the hike we will be joined by the forest birds which names we will also learn, such as the Chucaos, Hued Hueds, hummingbirds, Rayaditos, and many others.

The trail climbs up to 70 meters high to the first view point then later to 90 meters high to the second view point, to finally reach the highest view point at 120 meters high with a spectacular view to the fjord. Anybody can do the trail, reaching the view point which is easier for them. The whole excursion last 3 hours round trip.

To this hike, the guests can add an additional stretch which is the trail that goes to the beach by the fjord, adding an hour to the whole excursion


USD 25/person
  • Minimum 2 passengers


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